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A new lease on life

A new lease on life

I feel like I have been born again by being given a new lease on life. I had to go through a series of rigorous tests with my cardiologist and GP over the past two months and have been given the ALL CLEAR. YAY! I was advised to rest and take proper time off when I am sick to give the body the chance to recover. The episode gave me a bit of a fright to be honest but it also gave me the chance to reflect and re-examine my life.

A few people I know who are directly linked to me or to my close friends unexpectedly passed away the past two months. An image that haunts me is how at the end of it all, the opening page and/or ending page of one’s tribute will simply contain three things: your name, your birth year and your death year. When listening to the eulogies, professional achievements were summarised in a sentence or two but a lot more time is spent exploring the different facets that make up a person’s life and how he or she has made others feel and helped out other people.

The health scare and deaths have made me re-assess my life to another level. Over the past five years, I have started stressing less about my professional goals and objectives and have re-focused on my bigger life goals. I have been consciously adding bullet points to my eulogy resume making things more exciting overall. Whenever confronted with a decision, I now assess how it will impact the achievement of my broader life purpose and personal goals and then understand its impact on my professional goals. My professional side has become a servant to support my life purposes and personal goals instead of the other way around.

It is so liberating because I find myself to be in the flow more. Things, situations and events seem to fall more into place and I am able to see the patterns and insights that help me on this journey. Life has become less of a burden and more of a joy to experience – every single moment of it. Even stressful situations at work become so much manageable and fun because I know that these will not last forever and they serve a higher life purpose for me.

Each moment becomes more vibrant, joyful and fun.



  1. Paola  May 31, 2015

    Oh Ian, this is great! I wish I had that full clarity myself.

    • irggac  June 1, 2015

      Hi Paola. Thank you for your feedback. Your journey is equally inspiring.


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