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Clarity after my break

Clarity after my break

It has been a week since I arrived back in Sydney after three wonderful weeks of re-connecting with family and friends and island hopping in Asia. I had a fantastic time catching up with everyone. There were a number of pleasant surprises from the trip and an improved sense of clarity on many things.

I was happy to see friends who found and stuck to their purpose and passion succeed and do very well. I consider it an immense blessing to have seen their journeys from the very beginning and find it extremely encouraging to see them reap the fruits of their labour. Our individual journeys are unique and for as long as we stick to what is aligned with our core purpose, things will work out. Things will not be easy all the time but the chances of sticking it out and working through challenges will be higher if we work from deep within.

I have also learned to appreciate the interconnectedness of people and events. Part of my learning point for the past few years is letting go and I did my best to not plan much during the break. I allowed the moments to reveal my next steps and what unfolded before me was the magical interconnectedness of people and events. My appreciation of consciousness became even more important. We cannot underestimate how our actions or lack thereof impact people around us and influence events that may impact lives down the track.

Going out of my comfort zone by seeing places and doing things that I do not do in my normal day-to-day life made me appreciate what I define as normal. The exposure to the unfamiliar taught me to focus on the moment and doing it for an extended period changed how I looked at things. I returned to my normal life with a deeper sense of vibrancy and appreciation of what I have.

Traveling helped me appreciate the world more but also deeply embrace the different aspects of the place I call HOME and my family and friends.


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