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Embracing imperfection to live more fully

Embracing imperfection to live more fully

I was a perfectionist. I wanted everything to be done perfectly well all the time and it has served me well because it delivered some great results and experiences. I did notice though that the drive for perfection caused me to be critical of myself and in most cases apply the same approach towards others and the world in general. It was not a very fun place to be because I was constantly on the lookout for things that were going wrong and of how things could be improved further.

I do think that quest for ongoing improvement is essential for progress and development. However, a mad focus on perfection made me lose full appreciation of the moment and see how life generally brings us to a sense of balance and equilibrium. Instead of celebrating small wins and victories, I allowed myself to feel sad because I was focusing on what I did not have as opposed to what I had.

The universe taught me another great lesson last year. When circumstances forced me to let go because the situation was becoming unmanageable and uncontrollable, I had no other choice but to do just that – completely let go. I then learned (not without pain) to see the beauty of imperfection and of finding perfection in imperfect circumstances. I began to learn to be present in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. It applies for people around me too – I finally learned that generally how we judge others is a reflection of how we internally judge ourselves. I learned to forgive myself and other people more frequently.

This helped me in enjoying each moment more. The need to judge and be critical had a weaker hold on me and enabled me to live life more fully. People and situations started having less control over me and brought to a place of empowerment and love.

I have started loving imperfection and that of other people. In some strange way, I have also started witnessing how our imperfections help us to be more interconnected and work together to bring about magical results and experiences. It has also helped me strive to improve myself and my situation in a more balanced way.


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