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Renewed sense of purpose

Renewed sense of purpose

Things have been so busy on the personal and professional front. We have had family and friends visit us since September. Things were so busy at work as our transformation program peaked and was soon coming to a close and I had to find another role to transition to. I just had the most challenging and productive two years of my life but I have also just been through the darkest two years of my life. Call it mid-life crisis or mid-point transition but I can say that I am finally out of it. I have emerged out of it with a renewed sense of purpose and new foundations on how to build and live the second half of my life and I am really excited.

I have come to appreciate that there are always two sides of a situation – the good and the less than good – but the frame we choose to look at it conditions our response and likely outcome. Our imperfections teach us to be fully present so that we can be more aware and conscious of how to live our lives. This relentless focus on the NOW enables us to be open to possibilities. I have also learned to appreciate the importance of focusing on the process instead of the outcomes. Focusing on the process helps us to live and breathe the art of the possible. I have also learned to really look at the BIGGER picture no matter what.

The past two years have enabled me to deliver a transformational program within me and outside of me (through my work). It will be an ongoing journey but life feels so much lighter. I am now clear on what I stand for and what unique gifts I can bring to this planet for the short time I am here.

If you are going through this mid-life transition point, I genuinely wish you all the best. It can be challenging but emerging out of it feels like being re-born as values get re-validated and foundations get re-laid. Life is indeed beautiful.



  1. Paola  December 15, 2015

    Good on you, Ian! You always had it in you, you just see it more clearly now.

    • irggac  December 16, 2015

      Thanks Paola. Yes it has been a journey but I am thankful to have gone through it.


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