Executive and Personal Coaching

Coaching programs help people look at their lives from different perspectives and empower them to take on a new and exciting outlook. It helps people to reflect and take stock of their lives, inspires them to create the picture of where they want to be and moves them forward by taking steps to achieve their goals and dreams.

Looking and reflecting at what’s really happening in one’s life and assessing the overall environment help in achieving greater fulfillment and success. A better perspective drives an improved mindset which can unlock potential and empowerment to move forward. A coach gives people the self-belief, confidence and ability to positively move forward in the areas of their life where they crave change or have defined specific goals. Coaching helps people identify and break down barriers which prevent change from happening and creates the appropriate space for positive action to take place. Coaching follows a holistic approach which looks at the present and sets goals for a totally successful future. Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.

The first coaching session is complimentary to give clients a basic idea and overview of what to expect during the coaching process. Once the client is comfortable, the client may choose from availing of one, three, six or twelve coaching sessions (normally varies depending on the issue or need of the client) and the session which typically runs for an hour may be delivered face to face, over the phone or through Skype (depending on the client’s location).


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Group Coaching and Facilitation

Coaching may also be applied with a group in a business environment. Facilitation by an objective third party may help steer the group to move forward. This is perfect when a team, department or business is going through change, is keen to address a specific business issue or bring everyone on the journey to move forward towards a desired future. Group coaching and facilitation may require a few sessions to discuss the objectives, define the approach, design the group session, conduct the actual session and then complete a post-review to assess appropriate next steps.

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General Business Consulting and Coaching

Consulting services help in providing clarity of thinking and the way forward for businesses and their management teams. Engagements vary depending on the key issue that is being addressed.  It normally follows a structured problem solving approach supplemented by collaborative working sessions with key stakeholders and individual coaching sessions to encourage and drive key personnel to move forward and achieve the desired outcomes.

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Other Products and Services

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