“When I met with Ian, I was in a space where I was emotional, tired and knew that something was wrong, but wasn’t sure what it was. Ian created a space for me where it was safe to step outside of myself and critique my actions and thoughts.  In doing this, Ian allowed me to see the issue for what it really was, ring-fence it, and plan for myself (using my own timeframes), how I was going to resolve the issue. Ian’s approach was kind, caring and challenging.”
Kate, Banking Executive, Australia


“The session I had with Ian is what I now consider as one of the most significant and noteworthy experiences I have ever had in my life. It was indeed an eye-opener on what I should have been doing years ago to climb the corporate ladder at a much better pace. Our coaching session gave me clear-cut options and directions on how I can be more successful in my chosen career. The session allowed me to rediscover myself and what I am capable of doing. Ian asked relevant questions and specific life scenarios while seemingly piecing ‘my puzzle’ together, and yet most of the answers that I needed to hear were actually coming from me. It was a terrific guiding session that opened up my horizon about certain possibilities I have overlooked or neglected in the past. It provided me with additional tools that I can use to reach the next level and achieve the goals I have long set both in my professional and personal life.”
Edwin, IT Professional, Singapore


“Ian is a very good listener who is able to ask the right questions.  With a strong background in management consulting and industry, Ian is able to draw on his wealth of experience to offer a different perspective.  He provides strategies and guidance that assist with identifying practical steps that can be followed through.   Importantly, Ian demonstrates a real core of integrity in his professional and personal dealings.   I would highly recommend Ian to others looking for a professional career coach or mentor.”
Andrea, Strategy and Operational Improvement Executive, Australia


“Receiving coaching sessions from Ian has been a life changing experience. Even though my field is medicine, and it is not common for doctors to engage in coaching, I felt it made a tremendous difference to the way I think about career development. Ian uses an engaging and systematic approach that makes you challenge your beliefs and ultimately come up with a revamped and ambitious professional development plan. Ian is a bright coach and I strongly recommend him. “
James, General Practitioner and Medical Journalist, Portugal and United Kingdom


“Overall, I found the coaching session rewarding and empowering as I was able to discuss an issue and come up with a solution/action plan. The coaching process/framework is enlightening as it helped me to think more clearly, to look at the issue in a different way, and to come up with different practical solutions. I am very pleased to have done this coaching session with Ian who was very patient and encouraging throughout the session.“
Catherine, Finance Manager, Australia


“The coaching session with Ian helps me to understand and focus on the core of the issue by working through what really is important to me.  I am able to focus on what really matters instead of a wide range of considerations that clouded the decision. It helps me to grow and mature both professionally and personally.”
Nicholas, IT Executive, Hong Kong, China


“The one-on-one coaching helped me turn my thinking around. Previously, I was demotivated due to events at work – the coaching journey allowed me to reflect on my situation, what was within my control and what I could do immediately to turn my current state around. Coming out of the session, I had my own action plan which I could follow immediately. It just made me realise how much of my future was in my own hands.”
Ken, Project Manager and Lean Professional, Australia

“I was not sure if life coaching was what I needed to reach my goals. The best thing in Ian is he converts your self-perceived weaknesses and paralysing stress into renewed confidence through the questions he asks you. It is so easy now to set the targets, achieve goals and see myself become successful. There is no turning back. Thank you Ian. You are the best.”
Hamza Khan, IT Professional, United Arab Emirates and India


“The outcome of my coaching session with Ian was to look at the next steps in my career.  Ian gave me insights into what is important to me, how to get to the goals that I would like to achieve in a realistic timeframe.  I now have a clear vision and the knowledge that I am on the right track.  I have never had a formal coaching session before, but I was impressed in Ian’s professionalism, positive attitude and the genuine nature to help and provide guidance.
I am now on my way to taking the first steps and making changes, and without Ian’s help I would not have identified.”
Emma, Senior Product Development Manager, Australia


“As an independent filmmaker who’s always pre-dilected to doing things on our own and winging things our own way, Ian’s approach was so refreshing, encouraging and surprisingly resonant. Ian listens and through that I heard myself more. And I set out on the road of achieving my personal goals immediately. I’m looking forward for follow-throughs with him down the road.”
Emmanuel, Director / Independent Film Producer / Creative, Philippines


“It was a liberating experience after the session. The process was structured but also flexible. I was asked about my expectations at the beginning of the session and I believe my expectations were met. I have more focus and now know what I should do. I would definitely recommend Ian Gutierrez to my friends and even to my patients.”
Hamilton, Medical Doctor, Australia


“I am currently working with Ian who is coaching me in my current leadership role. After only 2 sessions with Ian I have already identified several areas to focus on and having worked with Ian to develop a few strategies, I feel I have improved my skills and enhanced my effectiveness in my role. The key outcomes for me were around the delivery of communication with my manager and my peer group. I realised that I may have been communicating in a style that was ‘my style’ and how I like to receive information, this was not having the desired effect on this group. Working with Ian to think about how to better engage the team we identified that my method of verbal communication and storytelling was not in line with this group who had mostly project backgrounds. The outcome from these actions in only a few weeks has been very positive. I feel that they are more receptive when I have the floor and the use of facts and direct questions and answers has created more clarity and less ambiguity in these meetings.”
Kathy, Banking Executive, Australia


Ian has coached me for the past few months across a variety of personal and business issues. Ian’s professional calm demeanour helped me to look more clearly at the reality of each situation and offered genuine support and encouragement to open my mind and find new ideas. I walked away from each session with immediate action points that he held me accountable to. Overall Ian has helped me to set clear goals and stay focused on the new path ahead.
Danielle, Executive Coach and Business Owner, Australia