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Things that people remember

Things that people remember

A few weeks ago, a loved one reached out to me with a concern about a potential title change at work. I asked her to reflect on what she considered important as a person. I could sense some anxiety on her part. I then asked my loved one if she remembered all my past titles at work and of course her answer was a resounding no.

Out of curiosity, I reached out to my mum and asked her if she remembered all the awards I received in school. Of course, she could not. I then asked her if she can still recall some of my past titles at work and she struggled even more. I asked her what she remembered most about me and her memories were more about our shared experiences as a family and of how we supported each other through the most challenging times. I shared my exchange with my mum with my other loved one and I guess it drove the message home. We were laughing as we spoke about our conversation.

People often get stuck with the need to achieve goals and career aspirations that they forget the other important things and people around them. We often fall for the trappings of the need to build a lasting legacy on this planet. I support the aspiration of people to build a better world and to achieve things but I question whether it is worth doing it at the expense of making others feel good when we interact with them. I have gained a better appreciation of why the process is as important as the outcomes.

Decades on, my loved ones no longer remember what I have achieved in school or at work. They still remember with fondness our shared experiences and the kind words we exchanged when we needed to support one another. It has validated my personal compass.



  1. Paola  March 29, 2015

    True, although my mum does remember some of my awards and loves pointing them out!

    • irggac  March 29, 2015

      Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it. I was just surprised that the awards I thought were key were the ones my mum missed in recalling. I was amused by it all and enjoyed my conversation with her. It made me realise what is really important.


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